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Are you looking for a new roof in Arlington Heights?

Need replacement or repairs? We’ve got you and your roofing needs covered. As the top-rated roofers in Arlington Heights, Countryside Roofing brings more than 40 years of roofing for satisfied homeowners to the table and we are happy to make you our next customer, starting with a free and detailed estimate with different roof options no hidden costs.

We guarantee to bring you the best roofing service in Arlington Heights and to install a roof that will last and save you money long term. Call us today for a 100% FREE ESTIMATE and we’re happy to begin our conversation with you.

If you’re not sure about the state of your roof, ask yourself these questions before you give us a call:

How old is my roof?

Normally a roof should be replaced every 20-30 years, 25 years or more is the right time to start thinking about a replacement and even young roofs should be inspected twice a year.

Is there discoloration or algae growing on my roof?

If there is, this doesn’t mean the roof isn’t doing its job. If you can live with it, your house isn’t in danger, but plant growth should be taken care of before it starts to loosen shingles.

Are my shingles cupping and cracking?

This is a clear signal that more trouble is on the way and your shingles are past their prime. It’s time for an estimate and a replacement.

Am I finding granules or chips in the gutters?

If you have an asphalt roof, this means that the roof is soon to have problems as it wears down, so acting sooner rather than later is a smart choice.

Are there leaks or damp spots in the attic?

This is another sign something is seriously wrong, and it could threaten the rest of your home. You should repair and recover as fast as possible.

Is my roof sagging in some spots?

This is a huge red flag and very expensive repairs to the whole of your home could be on the horizon if you don’t act quickly.

If you are looking for a free roof estimate in Arlington Heights give us a call at 847-221-5600.