Hail & Storm Damage

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Hail and Storm Damage

Roofing storm damage and siding storm damage seems to be more common and severe.  The most common forms of storm damage are hail, wind and lightning strikes.  Insurance companies cover all of the types of storm damage.  The obvious damage is easily identifiable, but the smaller less visible damage can often times cause the most damage in the long term and requires a trained eye to identify.  Understanding how insurance companies evaluate home owner claims for hail, wind and lightning damage is the key to ensuring that you are being fairly compensated in the process.  We assist home owners by meeting with the adjusters during the inspection, auditing the insurance company estimates for covered items, quantities, pricing and local Building Code upgrade requirements.  Dealing with insurance adjusters and managing construction projects thoroughly is a unique combination of skill sets.  Countryside Roofing, Siding and Windows is one of the few companies that has mastered this combination of skills.

Advice to the Home Owner
Protect Yourself and be wary of the Storm Chasers.
After a substantial storm hits, Storm Chasing contractors and installers come from all over the the United States to capitalize on the insurance related work.  Frequently, many of these contractors leave town with unfinished work or with insurance checks in hand without any work having been performed.  There are firms that rent roofing licenses from local companies in order to pull the necessary building permits to install jobs.  Out of town sales representatives flood the market place.  These companies are profit driven and not quality driven.  They look for cheapest way to install jobs.  They have mastered cutting corners on material quality as well as short cutting all quality installation techniques.  Most of these out of state companies, sales reps and installers will leave at a moments notice for the next big storm in another state.  The phones start ringing with complaints and fraud issues after they leave town.

How to identify storm chasers?
Look for the out of state licenses plates.  Listen for an accent that is not local.  Ask to see their driver's license to see if they are from out of state.  Research the firm through the Illinois Attorney General Office at 800-386-5438.

Types of Storm Damage

Hail  Wind  Lightning  Water