Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers in Fort Worth

Buying your own home is one of the most important decisions one makes in their life. When one goes to see the house for the first time before purchasing, what they see is freshly painted bright beautiful colored walls, sparkling hardwood floors, and other furniture which act as a cherry on the top to the look of the house.

But is that what one should really focus on? Yes, these things do matter but there are other things that require your attention more than these which are dangerous wiring, ancient plumbing, foundation crack, etc. It’s obvious as a layman it could be hard for one to notice all these, that’s the reason it’s always advised to inspect a house before buying.

Not anyone can carry out the inspection, certified house inspectors are the only ones who can inspect the house thoroughly and update us on its condition.

Checklist of home inspectors:

Since you are the one who is going to live in the house afterward, that’s why it’s important for you to know what the checklist of home inspectors looks like. The checklist should include:

  1. Foundation: Before moving to anything else, it’s really important to know whether the foundation of the building is strong on which the whole structure is standing. Roof, applications, walls, etc, all these come secondly, firstly one needs to check whether there is any crack or if the foundation seems to be soggy or squishy?
  2. Roof: Make sure to check if all the slates are present or not. Also, don’t forget to ask when was the last time the slates were replaced. Don’t forget to check for stains, dark spots, or even moss?
  3. Walls & Ceiling: Wall and ceiling seepage is the problem which is normal in many houses. Make sure to ask your fort worth home inspector to pay special attention to the seepage or sogginess.
  4. Doors & Windows: Security and safety always come first. To ensure your safe inspect whether the door locks are working, also, check whether the doors are well-aligned or not. If the glass or railing of any window is damaged make sure to ask the seller to get it fixed.
  5. Gutter: You don’t want to damage your house’s foundation and exterior with a non-working gutter system, right? Make sure that your home inspector checks the gutter system while inspecting the house.
  6. Heating and Cooling system: Nobody wants to freeze in the deadly winters of Fort Worth nor anybody wants to taste the heat of Fort Worth. While inspecting a house before buying make sure to check whether the heating and cooling system is functioning properly or not. Remember to ask about how long it has been working and if there are any replacements done in the past or not.
  7. Electrical System: Ask your home inspector to test all the circuit breakers, phase switches, main phase, electrical earthing, fans, lights, exhaust fans, and wiring thoroughly. Checking the wiring is a must, as outdated or open wiring could be hazardous.

Make sure to hang on to your checklist before making any final decision. The home inspection is a vital step that you must take before getting the key to your new home.

Just hire a reputed home inspector to inspect a house before buying and your job will be easy.