Key Reasons For Window Replacement

At some point in your homeownership experience, you’ll start having a discussion around replacing the windows in your home.

There are many reasons why you would want to do window replacement as a project, including upgrading the look of your home, as well as trying to make your home more energy-efficient. At Countryside, we make window replacement easy and affordable.

We pay particular attention to all facets of the window installation process including the smallest of details like flashings and insulation which can contribute to large problems over the long term.

Key Reasons For Window Replacement

There are several key reasons why people choose to do window replacements for their homes.

One of the top reasons is energy efficiency. Often doing a window replacement project results in significant savings on heating and cooling costs, sometimes upwards of 20%.

A second reason for window replacements is for security. If you have some windows that are hard to open, hard to close, or won’t stay open by themselves, you could leave yourself open to security issues. On top of that, these kinds of problems could lead to a safety issue for people as well.

A new style of window is another reason for window replacements. Sometimes your windows just look dated and don’t seem to match the rest of the house. You want to enjoy your home, and having the right windows adds to that enjoyment. You may also want to restore a certain look to your home if you have an older home, and you can do that while still getting the benefit of modern window production and efficiency.

Sometimes windows just start showing their age. You may notice a draft coming from the edge of a window, even after you caulk around them. Or your window frames might have developed a crack, which can negate some of the efficiency of the window itself and provide room for drafts to develop.

Sometimes you’ll see condensation form between the panes of older windows. Unfortunately, this means that the seal has been broken, and the integrity of the window is being compromised. A window replacement is generally called for in these cases.

Now Is The Right Time For Your Window Replacements

As the cost of energy continues to rise, the quality and condition of your windows will play a major role in gas and electric bills. The window products on the market today are far more advanced than the windows manufactured 10-15 years ago.

The durability of the window replacement products and ease of maintenance improved reducing the ongoing maintenance substantially.

The introduction of Low E glass and Krypton and Argon gases, the improvements in the window seals and balances, and the changes to the air infiltration components are the key developments that are assisting homeowners in managing the energy bills more effectively.