Need A New Roof? Don’t Just Hire Anyone

As a top residential roofing company in Schaumburg, we like to keep our clients fully informed about the roofing process so they can monitor and adequately judge the quality of work done. Everything starts with a detailed roofing estimate to project the costs and timeframe getting a quality roof will require and at Countryside Roofing we serve Chicago’s suburbs with free estimates.

When looking for any residential roofing contractor it’s important to have a good understanding of how a roofing estimate is actually made, what it includes, and what factors can influence the final numbers. We’ve outlined these for you below.

How a roofing estimate is made

A new roof estimate is meant to be as accurate as possible to ensure that the final bill isn’t surprising to the homeowner. A lot more goes into an estimate than just surface area and material calculations. For one thing the old roof needs to be removed, and while the measurements of your replacement roofing area form the basis of the cost estimate, another factor to account for is labor and transport costs. Productivity, for example, can differ by seasonal conditions and require different labor costs. If materials are coming from a long distance or require special treatment, the price may change.

What makes an estimate higher

Replacing a roof isn’t always as simple as replacing shingles. As the major protective component of your house, the entire structure should be able to last well into the future. Not all are in perfect condition. Especially for older and more historic homes, roof beams may have suffered rot or water damage from leaks and weather exposure. If structural elements need to be replaced this will be reflected in the costs. For some areas, special permits and outside inspections are other costs than can add to the estimate too, and if you live in a more remote location transport costs can add significantly to the bill.

What makes an estimate lower

Many of the same factors can work in reverse in estimates too. A healthy roof structure means costs can be based mainly on materials because the job will be less complicated and faster. Easy transport costs and good weather conditions for faster work can bring down costs.

Key considerations for your next roof

Roofs aren’t cheap and it pays back to have it done right. Selecting the right residential roofing contractor is the most important decision to make in the process and we at Countryside Roofing have a strong record of providing quality residential roofing for more than 40 years. We also take a long-term approach and encourage our clients to see their new roof as an investment that will last well into the future. Stronger, more durable materials as well as fixes to elements that can cause problems down the line will help ensure that your roof gives you full return across its projected lifespan and beyond.

How to get an estimate

We’re one of the leading residential roofing contractors in Schaumburg and we’re always happy to help homeowners in Chicagoland with a detailed and 100% free roofing estimate.

Fill out your contact information and we’ll be excited to introduce ourselves and get the estimate started!