Consider Replacing Your Siding Before Selling Your Home

Selling Your HomeHomeowners who seek to sell their property in the near future should beware that there are likely to be many similar homes vying for a home buyer’s attention.

Home improvements that set a home apart are the key to making it to a potential home buyer’s shortlist of possibilities.

It’s important to realize that today’s home buyers want to purchase a property that is move-in ready.

Replacing the siding provides many other benefits for both the home seller and any potential buyers including the following:

Provides Superior Curb Appeal

A home seller should expect a person who is interested in their home to do a drive-by to assess both the neighborhood and the exterior condition of the home.

A house that doesn’t present a well-maintained, polished, and welcoming look is less likely to make it on a home buyer’s list for further consideration. It is also less likely to sell as quickly as comparable homes that provide superior curb appeal.

Therefore, by updating the siding on one’s home, a seller can go a long way in improving the curb appeal of their home, making it more appealing to prospective home buyers.

Reduces Maintenance

First-time home buyers these days tend to be in their mid-twenties to their early thirties. Not only does this segment of the population tend to be well-established in their careers by this point, but they also have an extensive social network.

Today’s homeowners don’t want to spend a great deal of time on maintaining their property. That being said, they still want their home to look impeccable and ready for entertaining on short notice. Replacing the siding provides a fantastic exterior that needs only minimal maintenance in order to look its best. 

Saves Money

Many new homeowners don’t realize the extent of the expenses they have to undertake now that they’ve purchased a home. From the down payment and points to maintenance and utility costs, homeownership often requires careful budgeting.

For potential homebuyers who are used to paying for utilities for an apartment or condo, the bills occupying a home purchase can result in sticker shock. New siding helps to provide a more airtight home and reduces the loss of heat in the winter and cool air during the summer. 

Increases a Home’s Value

Today’s home buyers are savvier than ever before. While they still want to get a good value for their money, these potential home buyers are also willing to pay more for a higher-quality product. A good case in point is a home that has new siding. This increases the home’s value and could lead to a higher selling price because home buyers understand that they are receiving a superior product. 

As the above reasons demonstrate, having new siding installed on a home just makes good business sense. Not only will the current homeowner likely receive nearly all of their investment back, but it also makes the home more attractive to buyers.