Schaumburg Roofer

Schaumburg Roof Replacement

Our office is located blocks away from Barrington and Schaumburg Rd. We are part of the neighborhood and we have been serving Schaumburg for over 40 years now.

Schaumburg homeowners take their homes seriously and taking good care of your home means, first and foremost, taking good care of your roof. And if you're thinking of roof replacement or repair, we are the best roofing company in town to get your job done.

At Countryside Roofing we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality roofs with expert installation. We've been doing it for more than 40 years and are happy to do it for you too, keeping the value of your house and our neighborhoods as they should be: protected and secure.

Roof replacement or repair depends on what stage of its life cycle your roof is in. If well-maintained and made from high-quality material, many roofs can even last 50 years. Others might not have received the care they deserved before you bought your home, or they might have suffered stress from weather extremes or environmental conditions around them such as plant and animal growth that uproot shingles and let moisture in.

If you're unsure about the condition of your roof, call us for a FREE ASSESSMENT and estimate for what repairs should be made. There are no hidden costs and the report will detail all the different options available for you. And if you just have roofing questions in general, we're always happy to offer advice. We know that a little help can go a long way and you'll keep us in mind if we keep you in ours. To start with, the best advice we can give is to take the proper steps toward maintaining your current roof for long-term use.

Follow these suggestions if you aren't already:

● Make regular inspections at least twice a year to check for any problems with your roof like cracked shingles or soft spots

● Don't allow algae or moss to grow on your roof as these can begin to uplift shingles and make your roof less resistant to high winds and moisture penetration

● Don't let debris sit on your roof or accumulate in gutters after storms, this can weaken your roof from prolonged stress or pooling water

Any other questions you have about maintaining a roof in the Schaumburg area, we are always happy to answer calls 847-221-5600.