Slate Roofing

Natural Slate

There's just nothing that can match a real slate roof. A historic and beautiful material, the aesthetic of natural slate roof tiles can give your home a quality appearance that can last more than a century if properly looked after. Gorgeous, safe, and practically ageless, slate makes an excellent choice for your roof.


Why would you want it?

It has quality appearance:

Natural slate is widely regarded as the best-looking material for any pitched roof. Especially for homes with more dramatic roofscapes that stand out against the sky, slate gives a wonderful texture, color, and solidity that never ages. It also comes in several colors that can be mixed together for interesting patterns on your roof.

It's long lasting:

Slate is actually a type of stone that naturally splits into neat shingle sized pieces after it is mined. As a stone, slate will never degrade or loose its appearance. In fact, provided it is installed well and supported by a good structure, a slate roof can last for 100-150 years. That's quite a long time not to think about roof replacement!

It's environmentally friendly:

Roofing materials actually make up a large percentage of landfill waste every year, so the less they are replaced the better impact our homes have on the environment. With slate's very long lifespan, it can last 5 times longer than more conventional materials and even longer. And when finally replaced, slate tiles can be recycled for other uses.