What Sort of Siding Should You Put On Your House

We often take it for granted, but house siding can have a large effect on how your home behaves, and whether you are comfortable inside or if you have problems.

It’s designed to keep the bad weather out and keep the good “weather” in. Not only that, but it’s also good if it helped make your house look nice. When your siding is compromised, it can lead to a host of problems that, if left unchecked, can lead to large costs to remedy.

When you are ready for a professional assessment of your siding, give Countryside a call to see what options are available. But what sort of siding should you put on your house?

Vinyl house siding is popular and comes in a variety of colors.

Wood house siding is a more traditional siding, and these have a variety of options themselves.

Vinyl House Siding For Your Home

House Siding ReplacementVinyl is by far the most popular siding choice for US homes. Its low cost, easy maintenance, and long lifetime have proved winning factors for most homeowners looking to make the most practical choice possible for cladding their home.

Vinyl is a durable, plastic-based material and continues to be chosen and maintained year after year by US homeowners.

Vinyl has proved exceptionally popular over the years because of its low maintenance. Cleaning once or twice per year to remove any dirt or pollution that has settled on it is all that’s called for.

This can be done with a power washer in practically no time, or even a hose on high pressure can do the job adequately.

Vinyl is expected to last a minimum of 10-15 years and usually lasts much longer than that. It is made of a PVC plastic resin that makes it immune to water damage, resistant to denting, and untargeted by pests like termites.

Wood Is A Natural Choice For House Siding

Natural wood is the real thing and despite all the imitations to copy its fine appearance by other materials nothing can match the unique and beautiful patterns of knots and grains on each board nor its smooth and warm texture.

Wood is very versatile in application. You can opt for the traditional horizontal clapboard application or go for a vertical orientation.

If the wood is properly looked after it can actually last for decades and prove remarkably resilient as a house siding choice.