When Do You Need Roof Replacement

Do you want to change the style of your roofing? Is it time for you to get your roof repaired? Then you are at the right place; Countryside Roofing, Siding, and Windows, Inc. have been providing roof replacement services for the past 40 years.

The top-notch quality of our products complying with the local building codes has always been our strong point coupled with the skills, the knowledge, and the commitment of our crew towards their job as well as the customer’s satisfaction. We are known to pay minute attention to details which might seem small but play a crucial role when the roof is installed properly.

Serving in the regions of Hinsdale, Arlington Heights, Burr Ridge, Palatine, Schaumburg, and Naperville, we never take our customers for granted.

Roof ReplacementBelow we have mentioned the 3 vital signs which show that it is time to replace your roof. Take a look.

Missing Roof Shingles

These shingles could have been blown off in a hurricane or got dislodged; this proves that the sealant that was bonding them together has little to no strength.

Depending on the condition of the rest of the shingles you can either change the destroyed one or replace all of them before further damage is caused.

Storm Damage

With the storms becoming a common occurrence these days, your rood can get severely affected by all the lightning, falling of tree branches, and strong gusts of wind.

If the shingles are hit by those big hailstones, they might crack and eventually give way due to constant expansion and contraction.

Water Marks from Roof Leaks

This usually happens with older roofs. Roof leaks are pretty common, but if they are not immediately addressed and ignored, they not only decrease the life expectancy of your roof but also bring a host of other problems.

Also, continued leakage causes ugly stains on the ceilings of your rooms.

So, if you are planning on getting your roof replaced, you can contact us.