Wood Siding Replacement

Wood Siding

Wood is the classic choice for the American home, with a historic tradition older than the country itself that continues today with many homeowners who pride themselves on their home's appearance and charm. The material offers a variety of types and applications that help bring unique character and wood can also prove to be an excellent choice for durability. With all its benefits, wood is a clear winner for many.

Why would you want it?

It has excellent character:

For many homeowners, there is simply no other choice than wood. Natural wood is the real thing and despite all the imitations to copy its fine appearance by other materials nothing can match the unique and beautiful patterns of knots and grains on each board nor its smooth and warm texture. Each variety can be stained in any number of ways to highlight the natural beauty of the material.

It has variety and versatility:

Wood is very versatile in application. You can opt for the traditional horizontal clapboard application or go for a vertical orientation; alternatively, there are a huge variety of different shingles to give your home a unique texture. All of these options come in different varieties of wood that have different grain patterns and hues that give you great flexibility for your home's architectural features.

It comes with great durability:

If wood is properly looked after it can actually last for decades and prove remarkably resilient as a siding choice. Correct installation practices and care are also an important factor in determining how well the material will stand up to time, so ensuring this is done well will yield long-term cost savings with no need for replacement.